Dave Daglio

As CEO and Chief Investment officer of BC-GUMPS and former Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer at Mellon, consultant, and engineer, I have spent my career looking for the next big problem to solve. 

From analyzing individual company performance to pioneering a unique and award winning equity investing approach at Mellon, my goal has always been to improve, to optimize, and to find the best solutions for the people I work with.

After helping to build and run the 12th largest US asset manager with over $500 billion in assets, I have embarked on a new challenge: to rethink what an asset manager is and how one can best serve its clients.

BC-GUMPS is my answer. A firm built specifically to embrace the most creative ideas that are often impossible or impractical for the biggest asset managers, BC-GUMPS embraces cutting edge episodic investment strategies with a flexible and scalable approach to research that enables us to identify and pursue unique investment approaches with an emphasis on asymmetrical results.