Kyle Pinkerton
Director of Research

Kyle Pinkerton is the Director of Research at BC-GUMPS. Before joining BC-GUMPS, Pinkerton served as Vice President at Valens Research, where his most significant contributions were related to architecting the company’s research processes.

During his tenure at Valens, he was instrumental in the development of Valens’ flagship uniform accounting platform and helped standardize the credit model that powers BC-GUMPS’s flagship fund. Pinkerton also played a key role in standardizing the investment research process for the analyst team, implementing a systematic approach that not only ensured consistent and high-quality research but also streamlined the way the team conducted research and delivered their findings to management. By instituting best practices and clear guidelines, Pinkerton enabled junior members of the team to efficiently contribute to research projects, enhancing collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the organization.

As the Director of Research at BC-GUMPS, Pinkerton continues to champion a culture of process efficiency and standardized methodologies, contributing to the firm’s reputation for delivering unique investment strategies.

Pinkerton received a bachelor’s degree in Economics/Finance from Northeastern University, and earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in August 2018.